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We have answered some common questions about our hovercraft tours in Broome and our boat tours in Broome.

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If you have any questions not answered here, please get in touch with us.

Will I see dinosaur footprints?
We go to visit the dinosaur trackways on all tours except the WWII Plane Wreck Tour, the Broometime Creek Tour and the Island Sandbar Experience.
What are the differences between the tours?

Please refer to the table below for a summary of tour inclusions. This table will assist you to find an alternative and comparable tour if your chosen tour is full or not available on your chosen date.

Why aren’t Sunset Tours scheduled every day?

Our hovercraft tours are scheduled on a low tide and the low tide time changes each day.

Sunset Tours are scheduled when the low tide coincides with the sunset time of that particular day. Because of this, you will find that the Sunset Hovercraft Tours are only scheduled for an average of 3 evenings per fortnight. Alternative and comparable tours to the Sunset Hovercraft Tour are the ‘Prehistoric Bubbles and Nibbles Tour’ and the ‘Dinosaur Adventure Tour’.

Are all tour types offered every day?

Our tours are all scheduled around specific tides to ensure the visibility of the dinosaur trackways, the flying boat wrecks or the Island Sandbar, depending on which tour you have booked.

The tide time changes every day, so each day we are touring at a different time of the day. This means that some days we have morning tours, some days we have sunset and afternoon tours. And on some days, low tide occurs both in the morning and the afternoon, so we can run morning tour and afternoon tours.

The Flying Boat Wreck Hovercraft Tours and the WWII Flying Boat Wreck Tours are only scheduled on a very low tide when the wrecks are visible, so that passengers can get out of the vessel and explore them. This very low tide only occurs approximately 23 times (in daylight) per year.

Which tours are in the hovercraft?
Can I get picked up from my accommodation?

Yes, we offer complimentary transfers from all hotels and Caravan parks around Broome, except for Broome Caravan Park and Gateway Caravan Park. We can pick you up from the Broome Visitors Centre in Chinatown also. If you are staying at a private residence or an Air BnB, feel free to contact us to find your closest pick up location.

What do I need to bring?

As part of our environmental management plan, we are reducing the number of single use plastic water bottles we are using. You can assist us with this by bringing your own reusable drink bottle, or we have aluminium drink bottles available to purchase at our merchandise shop or online at the time of booking your tour. We have plenty of iced water to top up your bottles at our venue and on the boat. Bring your wallet as there is an onsite bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase, coffee and cakes as well as a selection of gifts and keep sake items from our merchandise shop.

What clothing do I need to wear?

It is recommended that you consider sun protection and wear covered shoulders, a hat and sunglasses for this reason. You may need a light cardigan during the winter months for the early morning and late afternoon tours.

What footwear do I need to wear?

For the Hovercraft Tours
You will need a minimum of thongs as you will get out onto a beach that will be wet from where the tide has gone out. Old sneakers are fine too. On the Flying Boat Wreck Tour and the Hovercraft Sunset Tour your shoes may get a little wet due to puddles on the tidal flats. Booties or reef shoes are a good option for these two tours. We sell and hire out these booties in a variety of sizes which can be ordered online at the time of booking your tour or from our merchandise shop on the day of your tour.

For the Boat tours
Booties or reef shoes are essential. You can either bring your own or you can purchase them or hire them from us. This can be done at the time of booking your tour online, or on the day of your tour from our merchandise shop.

Will I get wet on tour?

On the Hovercraft Tour
On the Scenic and Prehistoric Hovercraft Tour, the Prehistoric Bubbles and Nibbles Tour and the Cocktail Breakfast Tour you won’t get wet. On the Sunset Hovercraft Tour and the Flying Boat Wreck Tour, there are a few puddles around on the tidal flats where you get out of the hovercraft to either explore the WW11 flying boat wrecks (on the Flying Boat Wrecks Tour) or enjoy hors d’oeuvres (on the Sunset Hovercraft Tour). It may just be your feet that get a little wet.

On the Boat Tours
Yes, you will get wet. On some tours you will be required to wade in water up to your shins for short distances and there may be some minor ocean spray depending on the wind conditions and direction.

Do I need a towel?

On the Hovercraft Tours you will not need a towel. On the Boat tours, you may get a little wet from some minor ocean spray and up to your knees may get wet when embarking/ disembarking the boat so you may want to bring a towel, or we have them available to purchase at our merchandise shop or online at the time of booking but it is not essential.

What level of fitness and mobility do I need to go on the tours?

For the Hovercraft Tours
Low to moderate fitness and mobility. There are 3 large steps to get onto the hovercraft with handrails on either side to assist entry. There is a beach walk of approximately 50m to get to the dinosaur trackways. There is no wading in water required on these tours.

For the Boat Tours
At least a moderate level of fitness and mobility is required. There are multiple large steps to embark/ disembark the vessel with a handrail on one side. There may be several beach walks of up to 300 m required over varying terrains and undulations depending on the tour type booked. Some wading in shin deep water is required for short distances on most of the boat tours. The Broometime Creek tour has the lowest walking requirment out of all of the boat tours, on this tour there is 2 x 50m walks on a sandy beach. If mobility is a concern, please call our bookings team to discuss the most suitable tour and day as the amount of walking varies with the tide and tour type.

Can babies travel on the tours?

Infants (aged 0 to 3 years) can travel on the Hovercraft Tours. They must sit on the lap of an adult. Each tour has a maximum of 2 infants permitted. Please contact us to discuss if you have more than 2 infants in your group and we will try to accommodate you.

Babies are welcome on the boat tours. For booking purposes, child pricing relates to all children 0 to 14 years.

Can pregnant people travel on the tours?

Yes. As with any tour participation, we suggest you get approval from your doctor.

What about dietary preferences, intolerances and allergies?

On the tours where food is included, there is a variety of foods and options to suit most appetites and designed to ensure there is something for everyone. Should you have an allergy to a food type please advise at the time of booking in the ‘special requirements’ section and all efforts will be made to accommodate specific requirements, however our kitchen contains all food types so it is recommended that passengers bring relevant anti- allergy medication with them if required.

Do you do a family discount?

Family discounts are available on the Boat Tours for families with 2 Adults and 2 Children, or 2 Adults and 3 Children.

Just select the appropriate family discount option at the time of booking.

If you are a family of 2 Adults and 4 children, you would select the family discount option for 2 Adults and 3 children and select 1 additional child.

The Hovercraft Tours do not have a family discount, however infants aged (0 to 3 years) travel free of charge when sitting on an adult’s lap.

Do you offer a senior’s discount?

No, we don’t offer a senior’s discount.

Are the vehicles air conditioned?

The coach that will collect you from your accommodation and return you following your tour is airconditioned and the hovercraft is fully enclosed and airconditioned also. The boat is not airconditioned.

Can I come on the tour if I have a serious medical condition?

You will need to make yourself aware of the fitness and mobility requirements of the tours and make your decision in consultation with your health care provider. Please be aware that participation is at your own risk.

I have claustrophobia – should I book on this tour?

The Hovercraft is fully enclosed however there are windows all the way around the craft. Obviously the severity of the condition differs with each person, so if you are unsure we are happy for you to come down to the hovercraft base and have a sit inside the craft prior to booking your tour to ensure you are comfortable.

The Boat tours are open to the air and not enclosed.

I suffer from sea sickness, should I book this tour?

It is very unlikely that you will suffer from seasickness on the Hovercraft. It is very smooth and ‘floats’ over the surface it is flying over. The tour is only over tidal flats and very shallow water, so it doesn’t go over any waves thus there is no up and down motion.

What if the tour is cancelled due to bad weather?

The Hovercraft and the Boat have a specific operational envelope with regards to weather conditions and tides. We know it is disappointing when a tour is cancelled however we have specific operational envelopes to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers. If we do cancel a tour due to weather, we will do our best to offer you another tour time/ day that fits with your travel plans. If we are unable to relocate you to an alternative tour, we will refund your booking.

What if I’m sick and can’t do the tour?

We appreciate that illnesses happen without warning and appreciate passengers refraining from attending if they come down with an illness. However, we have a 48 hour cancellation policy so in case cancellations are made within 48 hrs of the tour, we recommend you have travel insurance.

What is the cancellation policy?

Bookings for groups of up to 6 passengers;
If cancellation is made 48 + hours prior to departure; no fee payable, full refund issued
If cancellation is made within 48 hours prior to departure; forfeit tour cost in full, no refund issued
Bookings for groups of 7+ passengers;
If cancellation is made 7 days prior to departure; no fee payable, full refund issued
If cancellation is made within 7 days prior to departure; forfeit tour cost in full, no refund issued

Can I buy a drink or coffee before or after my tour?

Yes, we have a licenced bar with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and a wonderful coffee machine for your morning caffeine fix. There is time when you arrive to purchase a drink and if you don’t finish it prior to the tour departure time, you can take it on board with you. There is also time at the conclusion of the tour to take a coffee and cake away with you, get a drink from the bar and browse through our merchandise range.

Do you see the World War II Flying Boats on every tour?

No. You only see the World War 11 Catalina and Dornier Flying Boat Wrecks on our Flying Boat Wreck Hovercraft Tour or our WWII Plane Wreck Tour. This is because you can only see these wrecks on a very low tide which only happens (during daylight hours) approximately 23 times per year.

I can’t see any availability for the date I am trying to book for – what does that mean?

It may be that we are fully booked on your selected date so try looking at the availability of adjacent days. If there is no availability for the tour type you are trying to book, try an alternative tour type. It may also mean that the date you are looking at is too far in the future and the tour schedule has not been finalised as yet. If you have looked at the availability of other tour types and adjacent days and still cannot find availability, please contact us to discuss your requirement.

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